I have noticed a disturbing trend among the staff where I work. People seem to be using the phrase “library homepage” to mean “library website.” They are asking about things “on the homepage” which clearly are not on the index page of our site (nor should they be). 

Has anyone else heard the term being used this way? I mean, the whole point of the term “homepage” is that it’s the front or index page — the place where the “home” button takes you. Right?

I am perplexed where this trend started, but I am trying to stamp it out, one befuddled luddite at a time. 

Yesterday my dad kept asking me to take “selfies” of him. Give it up, we’ve lost.

I really, really want to write something in response to this paper. Here’s a snip:

"A typical social justice queer blog’s author will introduce themselves with a descriptive list on their homepage or "about me" page. Here is an example of what one could typically find: ‘Sparkle-king, asexual-faggot, white-boy dyke, 23, femmeboyant, Sagittarius, Masshole…My pronouns are varied. My gender is sometimes.’ This is a much more direct introduction than one could ever accomplish in a face-to-face meeting. The fact that some of these identities appear to conflict (i.e. "king", "dyke", "femmeboyant" "asexual") is meant to contribute to the image that a deeply original and sincere queer personality is at work. It is difficult to envisage how this person can embody all of these identities beyond the confines of the internet."